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Structural Commentary of Yasin Chapter with an Emphasis on Al-Mizan Commentary (3244 Views)
A Study on the Verses of Retaliations and the Ways of Its Being Life-giving in the Holy Quran (3162 Views)
Comparative Commentary of “Beast of the Earth” in Verse 82 of Surah An-Naml and its Relation with Raj`at (2972 Views)
A Commentary on the verse Keramat and Resolving its Appear Conflict by Human’s Reprobate Characters (2596 Views)
The Rule of Nafye Sabil, Opposing Foreign Influence, in Fariqain Commentaries, Comparatively Studied (2564 Views)
The How of Origination of the Natural Universe Base upon Quranic Comments and Last Finding in Cosmology (2525 Views)
An Exegetic Study of Controlling One`s Wrath in the Verse 134 of Ale Emran (2471 Views)
An Analytical Study on the Word the Foolish in the Verse: “Give not unto the foolish (what is in) your (keeping of their) wealth, which Allah hath given you to maintain” (2450 Views)
Exegetic Applications Quranic Documentations in Her Holiness Zahara`s Sermons (2386 Views)
A Structuralist Approach toward Surah Al-Kahf (2370 Views)
Descriptive Methodology of Tafsir Al-Mizan Based on a Content Analysis of Surah Al-Qafir (2308 Views)
An Exegetic Survey of Dohn, Compromise, in the Verse: Who would have had thee compromise, that they may compromise (2307 Views)
A Survey of Formal Inconsistency of the Verses on Creation of the World in Six Periods (2275 Views)
The Effect of Assurance of Verbs in Interpretation of the Holy Quran’s Verses with an Emphasis on Ibn Ashour’s Ideas (2256 Views)
Analyzing Denotation of Verse 83 of Surah An-Naml on Raj`at from Fariqain’s Viewpoint (2244 Views)
An Exegetic Study of Quranic Statement: Ittekhaz-e Akhdan, Being of Loose Conduct (2204 Views)
A Comparative Study of the Verse of Vilayat in Fariqain’s Commentaries (2177 Views)
A Comparative Study on the Word Ummah with an Emphasis on Commentators` Exegetic Opinions (2167 Views)
A Critical Study on the View of Commentators on the Verse: "See they not know how We visit the land, reducing it of its outlying parts" (2164 Views)
A Critical Study of Commentators` Views on the Word Halu`a in 19 of Ma'arij (2160 Views)
An Exegetic Study of the Verses Dealing with the Expansion of Prophets` Knowledge of the Unseen (2155 Views)
A Study of the Verses Denoting Truth`s Triumph over Falsehood in Allamah Tabatabaei`s View (2154 Views)
Announcer and Harmony of the verses: »I betrayed him not in his absence …. And I free not myself … « in Imami Commentators (2143 Views)
The Idea of Global Government in the Verses of "Making Prevail and Making Conquer" in the View of Fariqain Commentators (2126 Views)
A Comparative Study on Fate and its relation with Determinism and Free Will in Tafsir-e Kabir and Almizan (2107 Views)
Commentators on the Last Days of History in the Verse 55 of Noor (2081 Views)
A Critical Study on Commentators` view on the Reference of the pronoun of Ansahu, (Forgot Him) (2071 Views)
Ahle Bayt`s Special Methods in Commenting Words of the Holy Quran (2062 Views)
How to Harmonize the Verses on Remembrance, Dhikr, Referring to Peace of Mind (2060 Views)
An Exegetic Study of Lawfulness of taking Women of the Book in Mariage (2048 Views)
A Survey of Commentators` Approach in Interpreting First Verses of Abasa (2000 Views)
An Exegetic Study on the Prophet`s Manner of Interaction with People of the Book in Mecca (1999 Views)
The What of Kingdom, Malakoot, in the Holy Quran with an Analysis of Commentators` Views (1987 Views)
A Comparative and Analytic Commentary of Imamate Verse in Fariqain’s Commentaries (1958 Views)
The Middle Nation from the Viewpoint of Fariqain’s Commentators (1955 Views)
Seyyed Qotb and Allamah Tabatabaei on Meaning of Jihad Being Regarded as Qital, Warfare (1954 Views)
A Study of Semantical Frequency of Quranic Verses from Commentators` View (1953 Views)
Fariqain Commentators` Views on the Case of “a Mighty Kingdom” (1953 Views)
The What of Imamate as Viewed by Sunni Commentators under the Verse Ibtila` (1949 Views)
A Comparative Study of Men`s Qawwamiyyat, over Women in Commentaries of Almonar and Almizan (1947 Views)
Analysis of Inner Aspect of the Holy Quran Based on Allamah Tabataba`i`s View (1937 Views)
Structural Commentary of Kauthar Chapter on the Basis of Halliday`s Systematic Functionalist Linguistics (1932 Views)
A Critical Study of Qarzavi`s Exegetic View with an Emphasis on the Verses Denoting Forbidden Quality of Ghena, Song (1916 Views)
Educational Strategy of Family Monotheistic Peace in the Quran (1912 Views)
The Way Used in Tafsir Al-Mizan to Criticize Fakhr Razi’s Opinions (1910 Views)
The Ways of Sending Occult Assistances to the Believers from the Viewpoint of the Quran’s Verses (1905 Views)
A Survey of Universal State of Being Couple Ruling All Creatures on the Basis of the Verses 3 of Ra`d and 49 of Zariat (1904 Views)
Allamah Tabataba`i and Fakhr Razi on Quranic Verses Signifying Eternal Abiding at Hell (A Comparative Study) (1901 Views)
A Reconsideration of the Prophet`s (s) Respect Based on Quranic Verses and Traditions (1893 Views)
Literal Commentary of Surah Ad-Dahr inTafsir-e Nemooneh (1860 Views)
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